How to play slot machines on a cruise ship

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how to play slot machines on a cruise ship

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The odds on the first night truly are better, but you can lose money. The odds on the last night are tighter, but you can win big, too. You cannot improve the odds of a slot machine program. It is hardcoded.

Jan 14,  · The machines at the end of the aisles tend to be played more often, so they pay out more often. It works the same with cruise ships. Slot machines on most cruise ships receive only a small fraction of play compared to Las Vegas. It's very simple math: You put less in and you get less out. Whether you’re an avid poker player or just like to try your luck on the slot machines, cruise ship casinos offer a little something for everyone, without a flight to Las Vegas. While some cruise lines offer more games than others, blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots are standard on all ships. Mar 12,  · Another key difference is with slot machines, which are already known for having less than optimal payback percentages, and that’s even with strict regulation at both land-based and online establishments. If you want to play slots on the cruise, just be aware of that going in. So there you have Frances Hill.

Payback percentages can be reoptioned, but doing so would take considerable time and slot technicians not attendants; technicians. Cruise lines do not keep slot technicians on hand. Repairs, optioning and conversions happen when the ship is docked between passanger cruises not at a destination port. Further, all other jurisdictions are regulated by a state agency that require a minimum payback percentage.

Software development always adheres to this minimum percentage.

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Slot machine manufacturers would not go through the cost of special development for a few thousand slot machines only to have players remember their theme as the 'one that took them on the last day'. Maybe you should stick machinee trumpets, Dad. Love you. Thank you for reading my blog and for finding it interesting enough to add comments to.

I met many slot technicians working aboard, not attendants. Does "all other juristictions" cover Liberia, Panama, Bahamas, and other "flags of convenience? I worked on cruise ships for 11 years and I htink I know a little bit about what goes on at sea.

You seem very familiar with slot machines, but not the casino programs that operate on cruise ship. Thank you for adding to the blog - it keeps it interesting hopefully for all involved!

Sjip slots are much tighter on ships. It feels good to feature much enlightening and unique articles on your websites. Let me know!

5 Rules for Gambling on Cruises

Have you recently heard of any funny business cheating going on in Las Vegas? This gives the house an edge of 2. With all of the lowered payouts in a cruise ship casino, it begs the question — should you even t at all? Speaking personally, we still gamble while on a cruise.

However, we play with a much different mindset than when playing on land.

how to play slot machines on a cruise ship

We play for pure entertainment; not with the idea that we will come out machhines. Taking a cruise is supposed to be fun, and lots of people have a great time gambling including us. Just know that coming out a winner is more of an uphill climb than you may expect. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Cruise ship casinos offer some of the poorest payouts of any casino you’ll find. they do not have cents Keno machines, you have to play at least 50 cents and the pay off is half of what you would won if you play on land it takes cents to win dollars on a 7 out of 7, that would be 4, dollars in a land casino, you have to. Dec 06,  · The ship is not "US" but international - how else could they get away with paying some people $50/month! I worked on cruise ships for 11 years and I htink I know a little bit about what goes on at sea. You seem very familiar with slot machines, but . Jan 08,  · Casinos at Sea: Win Big with Free Cruises and Perks From Cruise Ship Play; The What to Expect on a Cruise series, written by Cruise Critic's editorial staff, is .

Get help. How to Smoke Marijuana Legally! Drinking tends to give you a more carefree attitude, and can even make you lose track of the amount you have put down. There is a reason that big casinos offer free drinks while gambling.

Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Ship Casinos

You can still hit big playing minimum bets and if not, at least you get to play longer and enjoy yourself. What if the next hand wins it for me? What if I leave the slot and someone else sits down and hits on it? We always want more. Yes you could keep playing and hit big, or make your money back, but you are more likely to put all of it back or knock yourself even further into the negatives.

Learn to accept the loss, or, when you do get up, be satisfied with your winnings and go cash in. You will be thankful later.

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  1. Tiffiny Teston:

    Wow, this makes a lot of sense. We don't waste our money much on gambling, but on our upcoming cruise on the Coral Princess in May, we'll give it a shot!

  2. Jerrod Jeansonne:

    Ever wonder why the casino is located where it is on a cruise ship? How strong is that advantage? Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at any casino.

  3. Eliseo Stotts:

    Number of tables and slots varies by ship. Mini-baccarat is available upon request.

  4. Emeline Everman:

    The flashing bright lights, sounding alarms, and people hollering all draw us in like bugs to light. These are strategic plays that the casinos use to bring people in.

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