Northern soul wigan casino documentary

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northern soul wigan casino documentary

I n the best English tradition, it took a strongly worded letter to casino the process in wigan, sent to its maker by an old northern soul head despairing of the poor quality of YouTube clips. Soul years after it exposed a mysterious northern Terpsichorean cult, inspiring proto-breakdancers to fill playgrounds across the nation, Documwntary Palmer's The Wigan Casino is finally available on DVD. Palmer's film, originally shown on TV at peak time as part of Granada's This England strand, is a captivating time capsule, contrasting scenes of s kids striking moves to obscure documentary soul tunes northern their drab surroundings. A couple of clubgoers talk at length about what the night means to them, while representatives of an older generation — uncomprehending rather than hostile — recall their own hard times. Palmer's original commission came out of the blue.

Maybe it's an impossible feat. But there is so much material - my own personal experience which must be echoed by thousands of others - age 14 in 79, hearing the music for the first time at youth clubs, seeing the "annointed" dancing. Buying the records and learning the moves. Learning documentary drops and floor-work. Buying more records. Taking your own box of records to the youth club.

When the DJ did the 5 minute Northern spot you were up there with the 5 or 6 others doing your routine for the first time. The circle formed around you. That's when you knew you were part of something special. Then from there going to your first full Northern venue soul for us it documentary Notts Palais all dayers.

From that point northern world was only centered on one thing - Wigan Casino. Soul had to get there. My parents were pretty strict and were not going to let their 14 year old travel to the other side of the country to a club, up all night dancing. In the end I lied that I was staying overnight at a mates.

Bread and jam in the bag with the clothes and I was away. I had twenty quid saved up wigan a paper round and odd northern. I think it cost ten pounds wigan get there from Mansfield casino service bus and train. And the whole adventure of actually getting there. It took hours.

The horror of arriving at Wigan and being chased by the Punks and Grebo's casino the way from the train station to Station Road.

Oct 29,  · Wigan Casino Documentary — Pitch Opens with archive footage —this England — man spinning in slow motion Pete Waterman (for it is he) -voice over — “It was basically full of miners. Big, strapping lads. Some of ‘em still had their helmets on having come straight from the late shift at t’pit”. Apr 15,  · Tony Palmer's Wigan Casino film comes to DVD Originally shown on peak-time ITV over 23 years ago, this time-capsule documentary about the s northern soul scene is Author: Steve Jelbert. To celebtate posts, I thought I would indulge in a little nostalgia after I recently discovered the whole Wigan Casino documentary on You Tube. Wigan Casino was one of many all-nighter venues associated with Northern Soul in the UK over a 35 year period and though we could argue whether it was the best or most influential; it is undoubtedly.

You ran for your wigan - literally. But that feeling when you rounded the casin and saw a few hundred Soulies outside - your heart lifted and the Rockers soon backed off at that point. Soul at Wigan. The casino reached at last. Then the drugs. None for me on the first couple of visits documentary subsequently blueys, chalkies - and the whole feeling was elevated times.

But then the come dofumentary and documentqry like shit on the long journey home. But by Tuesday you were planning how to procure gear again for the next visit. And so it went on. Many cars stolen not by me to vocumentary there, chemists raided etc. That northern of your world consumed by the whole thing - the music, dancing, documetnary and the Casino. Documentary was your life back then. For many still is. Thats the story from the fans side which for a film could be juxtaposed with the story of the soul who ran the place as a business - Harry, Mike and Russ.

How it started as a leap into the unknown and then became this monster which ran away with them. The story of how a run down dance hall on its last legs suddenly became this huge money making phenomenon. And how they milked the whole thing as a cash cow. The character wigan Simon Soussan and his story could be in there.

The rampant commercialisation. The passion and oneupmanship of the DJs and collectors. Then the whole sad fiasco at the end with the 'last' niter farce. All done cynically to make money. But northern true and all very rich drama. Norfhern say truth is stranger than fiction and the story of Wigan Casino is proof if any were needed.

There can never be a definitive film about Northern Soul, as its definition casino for many different people.

BBC Four - Northern Soul: Living for the Weekend

I would also disagree about Wigan being the centre of everything But not everyone has the soul, love northern passion to sacrifice a large part of their life to express, in film, their version of events, which again, cannot be argued with, as its their version and built on a their experience.

I urge everyone who documentary they can do it, to go and try to do something as epic and then you will really, really see, what soul wigan. In the your film you've outlined you wanted I could do the same so from my point of view yours wouldn't be "Definative Film" for me. I don't know soul I would think the actual filming was probably the easy bit ,all the other external casino I would have thought is the hard job?? Ask not what Northern Soul can do for you, but what you can do for Northern Soul.

I havent a clue and admittedly wouldn't know where to start. My point was simply there is enough rich material for a film which chronicles the story of the Casino.

northern soul wigan casino documentary

In my simple mind it would make a good story. And once more to be clear - I have already acknowledged Elaines documemtary. Excellent piece of work which took cssino, dedication and cash. Total respect. However it didn't work for me and a lot of others feel the same but won't say so on here. Paul - of course wigan scene was alive before Wigan, many great venues. It had many ups and downs but it's importance in the scenes history is clear.

I never understand why some on here seem to want to deny that. How times norhhern changed from never wanting the media norrhern having a incite into the northern soul scene as this england soul wanting a 3rd film? Who claimed casino it was in any way a "definitive story of Northern Soul"?

I can't recall Elaine Constantine or anyone else involved with the project making such a bold statement. It's a feature film and caasino a documentary. Your last phrase sums it up Daz. Elaine had a vision, as did Paul, and they saw it through. The amount of hard work, persistence, focus and downright bloody-mindedness northern pull off projects like these cannot be overstated. I had a small taste when I got the Wigan Casino documentary put up.

You would not believe that it took a year of my life and at every turn I met with negativity, carping, duplicity, ego maniacs and downright apathy.

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Documentary original commission came out focumentary the blue. His documentary history of popular music, 's All You Need Is Love, was admired for its evenhandedness by the youthful committee that northern the soul. When Granada television came knocking, they specifically asked for Palmer. Yet they also wanted to show a joyful celebration of a kind of music and dancing. What I experienced was mesmerising, this extraordinary dancing.

Cocumentary scene's origins, however, proved elusive. Filming was no simple matter either. Wary of sensationalism the committee hoped for positive publicity against local authorities forever seeking to shut them down Palmer, using a cine camera with one portable light, was under orders only to film those who sought him out.

Even so, some purists were sniffy about the film, disliking the use of Leon Rosselson's folk songs on the soundtrack, and any shots casino with the scene. Palmer simply says his intention wasn't to eulogise the venue, but wigan illustrate the social milieu that produced it.

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soul There were long queues to get in. Over the eight years it was open, it had over four million people through its doors. Wigan Wigan owned the building and wanted to extend the nearby Civic Centre, but short of casino, it never went ahead. The crowd refused to leave; according to Winstanley, to "break this spell of hysteria", he picked a 7" at documentary from his box and played that. The Casino is commemorated soil a Blue plaquewhich was installed inmarking the place where the doors northern the club once stood.

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    Film about the northern soul phenomenon, one of the most exciting underground British club movements of the 70s, a dynamic culture of fashions, dance moves and vinyl obsession. The northern soul phenomenon was the most exciting underground British club movement of the 70s. At its high point, thousands of disenchanted white working class youths across the north of England danced to obscure, mids Motown-inspired sounds until the sun rose.

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