Should you ever take insurance blackjack

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should you ever take insurance blackjack

These days, you can insure everything: your car, your boat, your house, even your life. You also can buy insurance should casinos - whenever you sit down take a blackjack table. This latter insurance is a little different. Insurance few can argue the value of insuring investments, many pooh-pooh the notion of insuring wagers. Hang around gamblers long blackjack and you quickly learn taje insurance is by far the most controversial subject in blackjack. That means it's time for a ever look. How it works: Essentially, insurance is a side bet that the dealer has blackjack.
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  • should you ever take insurance blackjack

    The discrepancy between actual odds and the odds of something happening is, of course, where the casino gets its house edge to ensure it turns a profit. But insurance has a higher house edge than in a normal game of blackjack, making insurance a bad bet. Insurance blackjzck paid out at 2 to 1, implying there is a 1 in 3 chance of the dealer getting a blackjack from a face-up ace.

    Blackjack insurance: Odds say it's almost always a bad bet - SFGate

    But in reality, there are 4 cards out of 13 which could complete that hand, giving odds of 9 to 4 — or This is a marked difference from the So the next time the dealer offers you insurance, your best bet is to politely decline.

    If he has this 10, he will have a blackjack and you will lose your original bet unless you too have a blackjack but you will win 2 times your insurance bet, so you will in effect break even for that hand.

    If the dealer does not have a 10 in inurance hole, you simply lose your insurance side bet and play continues. Mathematically, it is simply a bad bet both in single deck and multiple deck games. The chances the dealer has that 10 in the hole are almost always greater than 2 to 1.

    Yahoo! Blackjack - Never Take Insurance

    And because you are offered only 2 blackjak 1, you're not getting the "proper value. Note: If you are keeping track of the number of 10's that are left in the deck, as well as the total number of non's that remain in the deck, and if this ratio falls below 2 to 1, then taking insurance is indeed a good bet.

    Consider a single deck game, on the very first hand. You're dealt a 10, 10 against an Ace. Insurance is offered.

    Blackjack Insurance

    At this point there are 14 tens and 33 non-tens left in the deck. This ratio is greater although close than 2 to 1. Insurance should not be taken. This may help clear it up. Suppose you are keeping track of the cards that remain in the deck. At some blac,jack insurance is offered and you realize no tens remain in the deck.

    Why you should never take insurance in blackjack | Lucky Nugget Blog

    You certainly wouldn't take insurance here, would you? Of course not.

    The dealer can't possibly have a 10 in the hole if there are none left. On the other hand, suppose the unlikely scenario occurred where there were nothing but 10's left in the deck. Here you have that rarity of all bets Now how about a scenario like this: There are 20 cards left in the deck and only two of them are 10's.

    No. Experts recommend that you pass on insurance bets. The reason why passing on insurance in blackjack is recommended is because the dealer will only show up with a blackjack % of the time. However, to breakeven on the insurance bet you need a point card to show up 1 . Insurance is a sucker bet, plain and simple. You should never take it, ever. Statistically speaking, there are 9 cards that do not make Blackjack for the dealer, and only 4 cards that make Blackjack. The casino is paying out (or ) on a event. You will lose money over time if you take insurance. The pioneering theme should you ever take insurance blackjack creates a space oddity experience, incomparable to any other slot game available today. Exclusive Progressives just for Gold, Platium and Diamond ACCESS card holders!/10().

    Even the people who are not mathematically inclined should be able to realize, without stopping to figure it out, this too would simply be a bad bet.

    The dealer probably does not have one of those two remaining 10's in the hole.

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    1. Krissy Koran:

      But while it might seem like a safe bet, especially for beginners, casinos have actually been lulling players into a false sense of security. Insurance in blackjack refers to a side bet placed separately to your main wager. Obviously, you lose if the dealer has a natural blackjack, but by taking out insurance you could break even.

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